Healthcare Employment Agency


TheraKare is a leading healthcare employment agency in the U.S. Through TheraKare, we offer healthcare employment opportunity to speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. We are recruiting staffs to hospitals, home healthcare agencies, long term clinics, acute care hospitals and more.

  Our Outstanding Packages

Domestic as well as foreign healthcare professionals can apply to us for attractive healthcare job opportunities. We can provide employment opportunity to experienced as well as inexperienced healthcare professionals. Our outstanding packages include:

  • Professional liability and healthcare insurance

  • Group term life insurance

  • Traveling expenses

  • Completion bonuses

  • Paid housing

  • Continuing education

Get Attractive Healthcare Employment Opportunities

For foreign professionals, we give some additional help which include immigration paperwork and other related work. Moreover, we assist them in obtaining green card, and H-IB temporary licensing across America.

Our excellent business relations with the major hospitals will prove useful to every healthcare professional. The salaries and perks given by these hospitals are the most attractive features in this line of work. When compared to other healthcare employment agencies, TheraKare is a remarkable one in this field maintaining a high standard in our recruitment. We appoint trained professionals who perfectly meet the requirements of our clients.

We are offering our healthcare employment agency service throughout the U.S. As an esteemed healthcare staffing agency, our main aim is to provide better staff recruitment services to our clients. TheraKare is a promising employment agency for healthcare professionals. Our online database is invaluable for any healthcare professional job seeker.

When you need a healthcare employment agency’s help, you can rely on TheraKare. You can mail your resume to us through email: or make a phone call (918) 251-5982. You can also fill up our online application form. Check out our website to find current healthcare job openings and more information about TheraKare.



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