Medical Staffing Agency

Looking for a reputable medical staffing agency that can offer you a gratifying career, integrating professional fulfillment and challenging opportunities? Then you have come to the right place, here at Therakare. We are the best healthcare staffing providers in the medical profession. If you fall in the category of experienced physical therapists, speech language pathologists or occupational therapists, then you can reach for a better chance of career enhancement through our medical staffing agency. Besides our long term experience in providing employment to a large number of internationally trained medical professionals, we also maintain a good relationship with premier hospitals all across the US, offering prominent services and benefits.  

Unlike other medical staffing companies, Therakare fully meets the temporary needs of medical professionals throughout various hospitals in the states. Besides, we help you hire a huge volume of professionals for specific needs. We recruit domestic as well as foreign professionals based on your requirements. Therakare also takes care of your immigration requirements, arranging for the H-1B visa or green card. We offer migration facilities for individuals looking forward to migrate to different states of United States.

Flexible and Innovative Medical Staffing Services

Therakare’s medical staffing company offers flexible and innovative services at negotiable rates. We also maintain a good relationship with independent contractors so as to make arrangement to be directly paid by you. Our rates vary according to the services we offer.

Therakare will work intensely, satisfying all the clients’ requirements. We offer excellent compensation packages which include travel expenses also. Our efforts are always to locate the perfect medical job for you.

If you are still looking for the right opportunity, then we have the resources. Contact our medical staffing agency at the toll free number (800) 258-1036 or send your emails to You can also download and fill the PDF or Word version of our online application form.